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Here at All Printer Solutions Sydney Pty Ltd we service and repair all plotter machines and wide format printers and deliver a same day, on-site service when you call 1300 881 454.

When your plotter is due for servicing it can become a process of finding the right company who can do the job properly and just as important cost effective. For these reasons All Printer Solutions Sydney Pty Ltd care for your needs and understands the significance of regularly scheduling an HP plotter maintenance appointment.

When a wide format printer or plotter is used it’s usually to meet with the utmost in quality of presentation for your customers or internal presentations which is the very reason you invested in the specialised machine originally. Keeping up the all important maintenance program for your plotter can be quick, easy and very cost effective.

Plotter maintenance doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful anymore; it is an easy process that is carried out by an experience technician which consists of servicing and maintaining all the components inside your plotter.

The performance of a plotter printing device can decline over time without proper plotter maintenance. We are the service center that provide complete & total plotter repairs, maintenance and servicing.

Simple and easy steps, such as cleaning and lubricating the plotter, can provide top notch performance and save a lot of money on service and repair costs.

Even though plotter maintenance should be carried out by a qualified and experienced technician, there are many things that you as a user can do to avoid any problems in the future and save on costly repairs.

It is very important that plotter maintenance is done according to the technicians instructions on the day of assessing your plotter. It‘s also important to read the plotter manual so you can get to know your plotter and know where everything is located particularly those error codes.

Try to keep the exterior of the plotter clean by using a cloth dipped into a little alcohol. Do this at least once a week to prevent residues of inks and other debris from entering the inside of your plotter.

You can purchase a plotter lubricating kit from an office supply store. Some manufacturers provide the kit when you buy the plotter. It’s important to use the oil that is meant for the plotter to avoid any greasy impurities buildup in the plotter.

Take a look at the plotter for any impurities. Wipe off excess oil with a cloth. Too much oil will cause early wear and tear in electronic parts.

Follow the above steps; they can help eliminate problems that may occur in the future.

For any other HP plotter repairs (or work on any brand, for that matter) call All Printer Solutions Sydney Pty Ltd today on 1300 881 454.

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