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When you really need fast HP Designjet maintenance, don’t think twice… contact All Printer Solutions Sydney Pty Ltd today on 1300 811 454.

We specialise in fast repairs and speedy technical support for all HP Designjet machines.

We take pride in our services and offer all types of ongoing support for all our customers who are experiencing problems or are in need of HP designjet maintenance. Look for our services when needing a prompt solution to your problem.

What are HP Designjet units used for?

HP Designjet units can be everyday use for many organisations that are used to offer top quality when it comes to printing architectural drawings, large form print of advertisements and many more other specific types of printing.

HP Designjets are easily installed and are capable of being operated by many different computers or for personal use it can also be installed to a specific laptop/computer.

These machines are built by the manufacturer with the latest software’s, latest technology and are built to last, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t break down in the future.

A HP designjet maintenance will be required every six months or even less according to the use of your machine, so don’t doubt the importance of a HP design jet maintenance, as it can save you from further problems occurring in the future and to keep your organization running without jeopardizing your business services.

Here’s What You Can Expect When You Call For Your HP Designjet Maintenance

  • All HP designjet maintenances are completed onsite unless a further problem is found when inspecting the unit.
  • All maintenance work must be carried out by an experienced technician who is familiar with the product and is able to follow every step that is required when servicing your printer.
  • The entire service should not take more than 2 hours, unless as mentioned before the technician has found another problem that might require additional servicing.
  • Expect all HP designjet maintenance work to be guaranteed and your machine should be performing if not the same, much better.
  • The service centre provider should also notify and remind you when the next service is due; a plan and agreement can be worked out by the technician according to the inspection of the unit to let you know how often your HP designjet maintenance should happen.

Things to remember

The HP Designjet is a well manufactured machine and is an outstanding piece of equipment that will require ongoing services just like any other piece of equipment. All Printer Solutions Sydney Pty Ltd qualified technicians will offer ongoing support and will dedicate their time needed to provide you with the very best of our services.

HP designjet maintenance will no longer need to be a heartache when it comes to pricing as we sort out a plan to suit your needs and will exceed your expectations every time.

So next time you need your HP designjet maintenance or require any of the other repair servicing we offer remember to call All Printer Solutions Sydney Pty Ltd on 1300 881 454 to book an immediate service.

All our cars are fully equipped with a huge range of parts, consumables and loan machines to offer you when booking a service with us.

We are not limited in servicing your area; we serve Sydney CBD and any other regional areas.

Whenever you need All Printer Solutions Sydney Pty Ltd we will be there to help you.

Our friendly staff will continue to satisfy all your needs and enquiries when it comes to your office equipment.

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