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Fast Onsite Same Day Printer Servicing
For Your Laser Printer or Designjet Plotter

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(4-6 Hour Response Time For Commercial HP Laser Printers,
Plotters, Photocopiers and Multifunction Machines)


When it comes to printer servicing, All Printer Solutions Sydney Pty Ltd are the people to call and here’s why… We deliver the fastest response times in the industry and get your printer servicing completed faster than any other company.

We service all major printer repairs, our team undergo systematic and rigorous training and have the experienced required to achieve the best and quickest results for you.

Printers these days play an important part in our everyday life, whether it’s something simply as printing out a receipt, doing a workload required by your company or it’s for personal use the printer will need servicing at some point if you want to save money.

Printer servicing is a valuable process when it comes to maintaining sharp printouts, getting the work done and maintaining a high standard in all your work.

Typically a service consists of assessing the unit for any abnormal operation, it also involves cleaning the major components of the printer, assessing the quality of the printouts and checking for any toner leakage or dye traces inside the printer. The technician will carryout an evaluation to check for any parts that will need replacing in the future.

What happens if printer servicing is never done on a machine?

It’s vitally important that a service is carried out on your machine regularly to avoid any problems that may occur in the future and here’s why.

If a printer servicing has never been performed on your machine it is most likely that your printer will be on the edge of calling it quits… problems that may be significant can progress to be a major fault. In most cases your printer will sometimes leak toner or ink causing the printouts to be dirty or smudged, this problem has a simple solution which involves cleaning the rollers and other components, if ignored and if a proper printer servicing is not performed then you can expect the machine to suffer major faults like the replacements of parts that would not otherwise be necessary.

This service should only be conducted by a technician who has experienced in the field and that is qualified to carry the jobs required.

So next time you think your printer needs servicing don’t brush it off… get it done to avoid complicating things and making things more expensive in the near future.

Here’s Some Printer Care Tips
•    Your printer needs to be placed in an area that is as free from dust as possible and kept on a strong and sturdy surface.
•    Try to turn your printer off when not longer in use or set it up on sleep mode, this will not only save you electricity but it helps them last longer
•    Provide enough ventilation to ensure your printer gets enough air around it
•    As tempting as it is to save money on compatible consumables ensure to stick to manufacturers’ genuine parts or consumables.
•    Don’t let your printer get to hot or to cold, this can affect the performance of your printer. Extreme temperatures can have an unpleasant effect.
•    Clean your printer regularly, but make sure to turn it off when replacing toners or any other parts.

By doing all these things you can ensure the life of your printer and save yourself money.

Call All Printer Solutions Sydney Pty Ltd to have your printer servicing done today and avoid having problems in the future, our team is built by friendly technicians who are always keen to give you a helping hand when needed the most so make a booking and contact our office today on 1300 881 454.



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