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Are you looking to schedule a plotter service for your wide format printer or plotter today? Or are you simply looking for more information to assist with the decision making on what type of plotter service your machine requires?

All Printer Solutions Sydney Pty Ltd, a company who specialise in servicing plotters we realize how important is to have your office and personal equipment up to date and working to its specifications. That’s why our services consist of having someone out there on the same day of the booking to perform an onsite plotter service for all HP Designjet models.

When it comes to service it should always be taken into consideration to make sure the life and performance of your plotter is backed up by a guarantee. If you’re unsure about printers here are some explanatory ideas to help you understand the functions of your plotter and the importance of a plotter service.

What are plotters?

A plotter is a graphics printer that uses a pen or pencil to draw images. Plotters are very different from printers so carrying out a plotter service is very important to increase the functionality of your machine.

Plotters use permanent lines to create images while printers use a collection of dots. Like printers, plotters are connected to computers and are used to produce images and text. However, plotters are much slower than normal printers because of the mechanical motion necessary to draw detailed graphics using continuous lines.

Architects and product designers use these printers for technical drawings and computer designs purposes since they have the ability to create large images on oversized sheets of paper and due to the importance of the functions that is why it is very significant to have your plotter service.

All plotters have the same function and that is to print large documents or designs. Due to the large printouts and the work load required by your machine a plotter service will be required on a planned maintenance to keep your machine in good working order and without braking down.

Operations… The first step in using a plotter is to enter the right coordinates for where you want the image to appear on the paper, the paper moves horizontally and vertically against the pen until the drawing is complete. Due to the fact that plotters work a lot slower and longer to complete the work required it is why your plotter service will need to be looked at more regularly.

Plotters are the key leaders when it comes to large and sharp quality printouts. They are well known in the industry of marketing, architectural, constructions and many more.

How often will my plotter need to be serviced?

Because plotters work harder than your usual printer causing the mechanism to push harder than typical printers it’s essential to organize a plotter service regularly.

When should a plotter be serviced will depend on the use of your machine. Usually a service is required every 3 months which consists of servicing the components inside the plotter and assessing the overall performance of the machine. It includes checking to see if any parts need to be replaced and the general wear and tear of the plotter.

However sometimes faults can be present causing the plotter to work slower than usual or show an error not seen before.

For all plotter service bookings simply call All Printer Solutions Sydney Pty Ltd on 1300 881 454.

We service the entire Sydney area and offer competitive rates to our customers. All our plotter repairs and any plotter service are completed onsite and we guarantee our work by offering warranty on our services that are carried out.




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