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Commercial Laser Printer Repairs

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All Printer Solutions Sydney Pty Ltd HP Service Centre specialises in on site commercial (business to business) laser printer repairs. We repair all hp office equipment such as Mono laser printers, Colour Laser Printers, multifunction printers, DesignjetWide format printers and Plotters.

Call our office today for same day service on 1300 881 454.

Our Field Service Engineers all have experience and technical customer support for all types of laser printer repairs. We offer support on office laser printing needs, and general printer service.

Our services also involve maintenance agreements for companies that need their equipment running all the time without the worry of jeopardizing the work flow within the company.

One call or Email guarantees an on time response to get your laser printer repair or service so you and your business doesn’t have to suffer.

All Printer Solutions Sydney Pty Ltd is built on integrity, innovation, and delivering value to our customers and has a long reputation to back us up in support of our customers and you.

Commercial laser printers require low maintenance but if neglected over time, they can be extremely expensive to repair. Laser printers have a long duty cycle hence they tend to be neglected when the toner runs out.

A little care can keep your printer running smoothly over longer periods of time and help you avoid expensive laser printer repairs.

When considering a professional to carryout repairs our specialized team will be there to help you with any problem that you may be experiencing. Our prepared technicians carry parts onboard to perform any laser printer repairs.

Here are some tips to make sure your laser printer keeps performing longer.

• Clean your printer
Cleaning the printer should be performed regularly. Cleaning not only refers to the interior but also the exterior of the printer. Use appropriate cleaning material for cleaning the interior parts and be very careful as you need to always refer to manual for instructions.

• Do not use empty toner
It is not advisable to use the printer when it has run out of ink or has started giving faded printouts. Have the toner refilled or replaced with a new one immediately. Also remember that multiple refills can lead to leaks and can increase chances of repairing your printer.

• Check for toner spills frequently
Laser printer repairs can be a caused by a common problem of toner spills, especially color toner ones where they need to be cleaned as soon as they are detected. Toner spills are also hazardous to your health so the sooner you clean it the better. Toner spills can be cleaned by using a toner vacuum or contact your service provider for help.

• Clean filter
Ozone filter are mostly made up of carbon and they tend to accumulate dust over long periods of time. If there is heavy accumulation of dust, then you need to have the filter replace unless you are able to clean the dust with a simple vacuum cleaner. If unsure on how to do this it’s advisable to contact your service provider

These tips will help you in the long run to maintain a healthy laser printer but be aware that laser printer repairs can be sometimes unavoidable. Parts will need to be replaced from time to time due to the usage like any other equipment.

If you experience problems and require your laser printer repaired by a professional contact All Printer Solutions Sydney Pty Ltd on 1300 881 454 and we will have one of our experienced team provide you with service today.



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