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 HP Designjet Repair
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(4-6 Hour Response Time For Commercial HP Laser Printers,
Plotters, Photocopiers and Multifunction Machines)


Sadly, if you see deteriorating parts in your machine it may be time for you to have your  designjet repair service.

Here at All Printer Solutions Sydney Pty Ltd H P Service centre we can ensure that your machine is working fresh, fast and ready for those busy days ahead. Speak with one of our friendly staff members regarding your designjet repair and organise a service call without any unnecessary downtime or expensive price tags.

Here’s something you may not be aware of…

The regularity of a HP designjet repair can depend on your volume and usage, making the decision to repair your HP Designjet can be easy through the knowledge and information of our designjet repair specialists.

All our specialised technicians have practical training combined with several years of experience working with the HP brand. To minimise any unnecessary repairs All Printer Solutions Sydney Pty Ltd advise all customers to service and maintain their machines as often as possible. Neglecting your machine can only result in more issues arising therefore unexpected costs.

Think about this…It’s just like your motor vehicle, it requires regular servicing. Well designjet printers require the same care.

The majority of any designjet repair usually rises from wear and tear of parts which will require changing at some stage due to your volume of usage. Some of the common parts that are changed in a standard in any HP designjet repair include carriage belts, cleaning stations, carriage assemblies and ink mechanisms.

Now this is important… Unfortunately some machines are left without an annual service or left a lot longer may require major replacement of parts due to overuse and over-exhaustion. Regrettably this can have a domino effect and can become quiet an expensive lesson.

Here’s What To Expect During
Your HP Designjet Repair Experience?

At All Printer Solutions Sydney Pty Ltd HP service centre, we pride our business on ‘Same Day Onsite Service’. Our major aim is to minimise and eliminate any downtime in your business and all the stress that follows.
In order to do this we set strict timeframes and high levels of customer response to ensure we achieve our goals for your benefit.

We know faster turnaround keeps you coming back to us.

Once you have requested a service call for a HP designjet repair, we will arrange a time with you onsite to examine and diagnose your machine. The HP designjet repair specialist will run tests until he can determine what the faults are and what may be causing any particular issue. He will further advise you on the condition of your machine, its strengths and any future problems you could have.

Out technical specialist will further advise you on parts which may need replacing, time frames and costs, this will be all quoted and issued on the day of visit.

Should you wish to proceed and all parts are available the repairs will be completed on the day, leaving you with a refreshed machine ready to work for your business again.

What if my machine requires further workshop repair?

Here’s the good news… In this situation, we will gladly leave you with a temporary machine (subject to availability) to carry you through until your machine is in perfect working order.

During the HP designjet repair we ensure that you, the customer, is kept in the loop throughout the process. You will be given a reference number to track your machine at any time.

The All Printer Solutions Sydney Pty Ltd HP service centre ensures all customers are well informed during the repair process.

To book or enquire about a designjet repair or service you can contact by phone on 1300 881 454.




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